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My professional didn’t return my keys

We’re sorry about the inconvenience. Please try and contact your professional by calling or texting her. The Number of your professional were sent to you via E-mail before your first booking. If that doesn’t work, create a ticket and we’ll help track down your professional and your keys. Create ticket

ipaster has rescheduled my booking

We’re so sorry you were rescheduled on. Although we strive for unlimited availability, there are occasionally not enough professionals to fulfill your booking at the desired time. If this is the case, we will arrange a new appointment with a professional. If the changed time does not work for you, you can reschedule or cancel […]

I’m unable to reach my professional

We want you to be able to contact your cleaning specialist. Here are a few things to consider: You will receive the number of your specialist before the first cleaning. If you have lost the number, you can create a ticket and request the number of your specialist. When you call the professional, make sure […]

Something broke

Generally, our employees work with great care. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we are insured with der Mobiliar for damages of up to CHF 5 million. Please create a ticket and add a photo of the damage caused by the cleaner during service. Complete your message stating the name, place and date […]

An item has disappeared

ipaster gots your back. Your trust is one of our highest priorities and we apologize for any inconvenience. Please create a ticket and send the details to our team. Please provide a detailed description of what happened. Depending on the case, we may ask you to provide us with photos and proof of ownership. We […]