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Maintenance cleaning

We know that finding reliable and competent private cleaning women it is not always easy. You’ll find reliable and trustworthy home help at ipaster. We hire and educate our cleaners so they can do a great job for you.

Final Cleaning

ipaster is specially designed for private households, this means for private final cleanings as well. As a practical matter, our employees will take everything they need to work. This means that you do not have to worry about anything except the appointment and your new appartement. This will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Winter garden cleaning

The cleaning and care of winter gardens is always a special challenge. Glass and exterior surfaces have to be cleaned gently, without unnecessarily stressing sensitive materials. We will clean your winter garden thoroughly and help you with hard-to-reach areas.

Caretaker service

A caretaker as a central contact person guarantees the flawless condition of all systems and equipment of your property.
The ipaster caretaker team has in-depth expertise and many years of experience in professional building management. Our skilled employees take on all the daily tasks for you and are available on site and promptly as a reliable contact person.

Office cleaning

Clean and well-kept offices are a feel-good factor for employees and ultimately provide more performance and creativity. The first impression counts for employees and customers. Get a quote from us or choose one of our innovative hours subscription packages: Enjoy the greatest possible flexibility and save costs directly due to the reduced hourly rate. These subscriptions are among the most popular ipaster services. They can be scaled to any size and remain always uncomplicated.

Construction cleaning

Whether building cleaning, the cleaning of your house, apartment or office after the renovation, we take over this task for you. ipaster cleans thoroughly and reliably after major reconstructions.
Our consultants have many years of experience in the cleaning of buildings and are available daily for all kinds of inquiries. Come to us with your individual wishes for building cleaning and experience our uncomplicated and competent customer service.

Glass cleaning

Our trained team of glass cleaners is at your disposal with tested cleaning equipment and technical aids. To optimize the look and feel of your building, we offer a streak-free and glossy cleaning of glass surfaces and window constructions of all types and sizes. These include shop windows, glass facades, neon signs, light boxes, conservatories, glass roofs and much more.

Caretaker service

A property is always in the focus of interest. Visitors and employees register the condition of the building, and unconsciously respond to how well maintained and proper their object is. From individual fragments, an opinion is formed, which is also carried on. As the first impression one person makes on another is decisive, even a property does not get a “second chance” to do well.
Our caretakers as your central contact people guarantee the flawless condition of all systems, equipment and building and give surrounding people a reason to forget their first impression.

Winter service

In winter, the risk of accidents due to poorly cleared roads and access roads is particularly high. In addition, snowy doors can tempt your customers to knock at the competition’s door. With professional apparatus and gritting equipment we will make your doorstep snow free, so you can enjoy the winter time carefree.

Hotel cleaning

We know how troublesome the planning of a hotel room cleaning can be. A lot of work is pending, but you have too few staff at your disposal. As if it was not bad enough customers keep coming and you can’t hire as easy and fast as your customers can book a room at your hotel. There we come into play. We provide you with our professionally trained cleaning staff, who has already gained experience in other hotels that trust us. Never worry about cleaning your hotel again.